Due to the Covid-19 emergency, many routes have been suspended until 14 April, 2020.
The schedules published on this page are the official annual schedules, but we strongly suggest contacting the transport companies directly to confirm if specific routes are running.
Note that at this time that all residents and visitors in Italy can only move around in cases of pressing need and with an "autocertificazione" pass.

Napoli - Capri

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Routes and times updated in real time and refer to the current week.
Last update: 30 March 2020

Please note

  • The route schedule changes often; times listed on this page refer to the current week. Double-check a few days before your travel dates.
  • In case of rough seas, high speed ferry routes are often suspended and ferries must be taken instead.
  • In case of very rough seas, ferry routes may be suspended. We recommend checking the updates from the ferry companies.

Things to know before departure

Between Easter and the beginning of November, non-resident vehicles are strictly prohibited on Capri. If you are traveling by car, you will have to leave it on the mainland.

There are a number of garages in the area, and inside the port there is the Parcheggio Buono: +39 335 499658.

In Naples, there are two piers for departing ferries: Molo Beverello for high speed ferries and Calata di Massafor ferries and slow ferries. A shuttle bus runs between the two ports.

Useful Numbers and Addresses

Tourist Information Offices


Via San Carlo, 9 - Tel. +39 081 402394
Piazza del Gesù - Tel. +39 081 5512701


Piazza Umberto I - Tel. +39 081 8370686
Marina Grande: Banchina del Porto
Tel. +39 081 8370634
Anacapri: Via G. Orlandi, 59
Tel. +39 081 8371524

Hotel reservations, travel itineraries, and tours of Capri: www.capri.it

Useful Addresses



Taxi Service Napoli
Tel. +39 081 8888
Radio Taxi, Calata San Marco
Tel. +39 081 444444
+39 081 5564444
+39 081 5555555
Radio Taxi La Partenope +39 081 10101 ConsorTaxi +39 081 2222



Capri, Radio Taxi
Tel +39 081 8376464
Anacapri, Radio Taxi
Tel. +39 081 8371414

Luggage Transport

Via Marina Grande 270
Tel +39 081 8376464

Ferry Companies

Gescab - Snav Gescab - Snav
Naples: +39 081 4285555 (Call Center)
Capri: +39 081 4285555 (Call Center)
Caremar Caremar
Naples: +39 081 18966690 (Call Center)
Capri: +39 081 18966690 (Call Center)